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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification- The Saboteur- Episode 26

*2 hours before the mummification ceremony*

Nolan: So, Nancy, are you with us or not?

Nancy: You know! It is gonna be me, you, and Nagol in the final three.

Nagol: Do you promise on that?

Nancy: Yes I do!

Nolan: Well that is good to know.

Nagol: Dude, we are so gonna be in the final 2 together.

Nolan: Yeah I know! Nagol, can you do me a favor?

Nagol: What?

Nolan: Can you tell Tess about it? She's a good friend of ours, and I really do not want to blind slide her.

Nagol: Well, why can't you tell her?

Nolan: Because I am nominated this week. You aren't.

Nagol: Oh! Do you know where she is at?

Nolan: She's at the gym.

Nagol: Listen, I got some bad news. I thought I may tell you since you are my ally. Both Remy and Nancy said that they want to get rid of you. I am telling you right now since I refuse to blind slide you.

Tess: Wait, is there any way for me to convince Nancy to not vote to mummify me?

Nagol: There's only two hours until the live mummification ceremony. I don't think you have enough time.

Tess: Okay, I think I need a little time to myself.

Tess: Why? COWBOYS isn't gonna be proud of me. I really want that million dollars so that COWBOYS can be proud of me.

Tess: The reason why I am on this season is to make COWBOYS proud of me. He wants the title of the Battle Against Mummification winner so bad that he sent Stephan to be on season one, Kara on season two, and me on season three. Now, Nagol told me I will be the one getting mummified this week. I was really disappointed when he said that. I came to win this season. I didn't came to play for 5th place.

Nagol: I told Tess that she will be the one going tonight because Nolan asked me too! I do not think she is taking it too well. I also lied saying that Remy has voted to mummify her when in reality, he voted to mummify Nolan. I did this to get a jury vote from Tess.

Nagol: *gasp* I am shocked.

Tess: Just a quick question, how the heck am I still here?

Nagol: I don't know. Nancy must of lied to me. I think I am gonna confront her, so BRB!

Nagol: Look, you told me that you were gonna vote to mummify Tess. You lied to me, Why you did that?

Nancy: Look, I have decided last minute to vote to mummify Nolan because I feel as if you two has been so close that there's no way I am going to the final 2. Also, if I sat next to Nolan, he would of won hands down. I want to win this game.

Nolan: Nancy said that if she would of voted to mummify Tess, she would not have won. *****, you have been floating entire game. Besides evicting Nolan, you have no allies for god sake. You wouldn't even form an alliance with Remy which right now seems like your best opinion right now.

*Day 63*

Ruby: Hello everybody. This is Day 63. We are here with Nolan. We are interviewing him right now. So, Nolan, you were such a good competitor that season, and some people thought you may have won if you were in the final 2. If you were in the final 2, would you think that would have won? Why or why not?

Nolan: Well it depends on what people thought of me. I kept to myself and only trusted a few people. Originally i was in a alliance with 5 people, which I know is surprising seeing as though it looked like I had no one. The first one of us who got voted out was Dan. Next was the Saboteur and one of my closest allies Karissa, and the other two are still in the game so watch out.

Ruby: Last week, Nancy won Head of Mummification, and she gotten rid of you. You had 3 chances to get rid of her, and you didn't take those chances. Do you regret not taking those chances because if Nancy were to get mummified instead of Selena, Thomas, or Riviera, then Nancy wouldn't have won Head of Mummification last week?

Nolan: The reason I did not get rid of her, well, for one I did not see her as a threat. For me, the threats I saw were people who would always hang out together, and I believe I got rid of the right people at the right time. I regret nothing I did or said. I stuck with my alliance till the end, and I can sleep at night knowing I did that.

Tess: Now that we are down to the final 4, out of the 4 people that are still living in the Battle Against Mummification house, who you think will win?

Nolan: To be honest, I have no idea. I hope my alliance sticks together, but there might be cracks in that alliance, and who knows a lot can happen in 2 weeks. The person I hope to win is the person who plays the last part of the game to the fullest take out the floaters guys, and maybe that will help me make my decision from the jury house.

Ruby: Well, it has been a pleasure having you on this season. You will be in the finale helping to crown a winner of this season. Good luck! Up next, who has what it takes to be this week's Head of Mummification? We will find out shortly after this commercial break.

Ruby: We are at the Head of Mummification competition. Free from the threat of mummification, the Head of Mummification must two people on the chopping block. This time, the Head of Mummification is more important than ever since the winner of this week's Head of Mummification will be guarantee a spot in the final 3 where they shall compete in the most important Head of Mummification ever. Who will have what it takes to win it? Let's find out!

Ruby: Contestants, the power is up for grabs.

Ruby: Nancy, as outgoing Head of Mummification, you are not able to compete.

Ruby: This week is a 2nd chances week. The competitions this week will be a second chance at the competitions you did this season. It will have two rounds. The first round, I will show you guys a picture of fruits loops being in a cup. You must estimate how many fruit loops are in the cup. The person who comes farthest from the correct answer will be eliminated.

Then, in round two, the two remaining contestants shall face off in a series of questions. However, for these questions, don't give your personal opinion, but instead, answer how you think I would respond. For each correct answer, you will earn a point. The person with the most points shall be the Head of Mummification. Make sense?

Contestants: Yeah!

Ruby: Then, let's begin! I shall show you guys the picture of the fruit loops right now!

Ruby: Please give me an answer.

Remy: 38

Tess: 50

Nagol: 45

Ruby: The correct Answer is 115. I am sorry, but Remy, you have been eliminated. Nagol and Tess, you guys get to move on.

Ruby: Question #1: Which contestant do I think is most likely to dress their pets in clothes?

a. Tess

b. Riviera

If you think the answer is a, then change your cabinet to A. If you think the answer is B, then change your cabinet to B. Answers please!

Ruby: The correct is A. You both get a point, so you both move on.

Ruby: Well, Tess has 5 points while Nagol only has 4 points which means congrats Tess, you are the new Head of Mummification.

Tess: Yes, I won my first Head of Mummification. It is kinda funny how I went from thinking I was gonna go home all the way to being Head of Mummification. Final 3 here I go.

Tess: Who wants to see my Head of Mummification room?

Tess: Oh, it's pink, my favorite color!

Nancy: I am honestly glad that Tess won Head of Mummification. If Remy or Nagol would of won Head of Mummification, then it would of been blue again. We got to see a different color. At least this season wasn't a repeat in terms of Head of Mummification rooms where every single Head of Mummification room was orange after Logan got eliminated.

Tess: It's kinda a honor to have the last Head of Mummification room. This season is sadly coming down to the end, and I don't want it to end so quickly. Who ever thought the rivalry between Nagol and Remy, the old person, and sim who creator played this game 3 times would end up in the final 4? I just remember the first night where I met everybody. I remember when I was with Kenneth, who was a 2-timing *****. I remember when I wore the astronaut costume. I even remember when I was solitary confinement. A lot has change ever since that first week.

Nagol: Listen, I think I have a great idea.

Tess: What?

Nagol: I think you should bluff the nominations by nominating me. There, people will think we will no longer in an alliance.

Tess: Whoa! That is surely a risky move!

Nagol: Well, can I say something?

Tess: What?

Nagol: Every year in Big Brother, the Final 4 HOH and his/her alliance continue to fail to realize that it literally does not matter one bit who goes on the block that week pre-POV. The only factor in Final 4 is what the HOH wants, and since that only comes into play in the post-POV noms and only if the HOH wins POV, the HOH might as well put up bluff noms in the Final 4. Final 4 week is the best week to cover up an alliance by nominating it because there are literally no actual negative repercussions

Tess: You have a good point. It literally does not matter who goes on the block before the Veto competition. The final 4 is one of the rare moments in Big Brother and in this show where the Veto is more important than the H.O.H./H.O.M. I think I am just gonna say nominate *mic fails to pick up* as well as *mic fails to pick up again* because by nominating *mic fails to pick up again* will be the fair thing to since *once again, the mic fails to pick up*

The Battle Against Mummification: Tess, please put your microphone.

Tess: Oops, sorry!

(Please play this music and continue on)

Tess: For this ceremony, we shall bring in the Mummy jury.

Tess: This is the nominations ceremony. This week, I shall nominate two people on the chopping block. Before I announce my nominations, I will like to say that in the final 4, it literally does not matter who gets to be nominated before the Veto as the final 4 Head of Mummification do not really get to get rid of anybody since it is only whoever wins the Veto. If I want to fully control the nominations, then I shall win the Veto. So, because of that, I am gonna do nominations the fair way. I nominate...........

Tess: Nancy for mummification because she nominated me last week, so it is only fair if I nominate her this week. I also nominate.....

Tess: Nagol for mummification because you haven't been nominated before, and there's no way I am letting you pull a Stephan. This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tuned for Episode 27*