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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification- The Saboteur- Episode 25

Tess: I have a quick question. Why didn't you just flip a coin or have us pick a number to decide who gets to be Veto'd? If you can't decide who to use the Veto on, then have us do that. It much better than not using the Veto at all.

Nagol: Well, we are gonna face this roadblock in the future, so in my opinion, we better face this sooner than later.

Tess: Well, the thing is it gives Remy and Nancy the chance to make a final 2. If you were to use the Veto, then Remy will be going home right now, and Nancy would of no shot at winning the Veto.

Tess: I am kinda upset at Nagol for not using the Veto. It gives Remy and Nancy the opportunity to make it to the final 2. If Nagol could not decide who to use the Semi-Veto Ability, then he should of just flip a coin or have us pick a number.

*Day 61*

Remy: So are you guys gonna do when you go home?

Tess: I'm going on a shopping spree.

Nolan: I am gonna get a new apartment.

Nancy: I am gonna go back, and quit my job.

Nagol: I am gonna get a nose job.

Tess: Seriously Nagol? Your nose looks fine!

Nagol: No it doesn't. It looks ugly. I want a normal nose.

Remy: At least you don't have the nose of Pinocchyo-yo when every time you lied, your nose gets bigger.

Nolan: Um, Remy, it's Pinocchio not pinocchyo-yo.

Remy: It doesn't matter. Pinocchyo-yo probably has the worst nose ever. I lied a lot when I am at home. I lied that I didn't flush the toilet. I lied that I didn't do my homework when I was in school. I lied about that I didn't steal my cousin's toys.

Nagol: Yeah, I would not want to have Pinocchio's nose coming to the house considering the fact that I have to lie a lot if I want to win this game.

Remy: Can we talk in the French room?

Nagol: Sure!

Nagol: What do you want to talk about?

Remy: I think Nolan should go home because he is a good competitor, and he will most likely win if we don't get rid of him now. Let's team up, and get rid of him as soon as we can.

Nagol: Remy wants Nolan gone because he is such a good competitor. However, I want Nolan to stay because me and Nolan have a better chance at beating Remy and Nancy in the last couple of competitions where as me and Tess has a less likely chance since Tess actually never won a Head of Mummification.

Nagol: Listen, I want you to stay, and go to the final 2 with me. However, Remy wants to get rid of you so we have to convince Nancy to vote to mummify Tess, so let's go to her Head of Mummification room to see what is happening.

Nagol: Hey Nancy, we want to talk you. I think that this vote shall be a tied vote. Remy will vote to mummify Nolan, and I will vote to mummify Tess. If you vote to mummify Tess, and if you are in the final 2, then I shall vote for you to win if I ended up making the mummy jury, and so will Nolan. How does that sound?

Nancy: I am definitely the swing vote right now. Nagol and Nolan told if I vote for Tess, then I will get at least 2 mummy jury votes if I go to the final 2 with Remy, and one mummy jury vote if I ended up going to the final 2 with Nolan or Nagol. However, Nolan is such a competitor, and if he doesn't go home now, he might win.

*Day 62*

Ruby: We are live on Day 62. This week, Thomas arrived to the mummy jury house a little late, so the house guests wondered where he is at.

*Day 57*

Selena: Okay, where the heck is Zoohoo?

Karissa: I don't know where he is at. He must of went to the moon.

Riviera: Yeah I think he went to the moon

Selena: Well, if he went to the moon, I think he would of took me.

Selena: Zoohoo is not here. I was so excited that we get to spend time together without focusing on the game. I am just sad.

Riviera: What are you looking at the fridge?

Selena: To see if Zoohoo is in it

Riviera: I doubt he is there.

Selena: Well, there is very few places to hide in the mummy jury house.

Riviera: Selena is kinda crazy. She looked in the fridge to see if Thomas is in there. As of right now, I don't know where Thomas is. He could be at the moon for all we know.

*Day 58*

Karissa: Well, guys, I guess we are gonna leave soon without Thomas. I think that we will hear more information about him in the The Battle Against Mummification.

Karissa: Thomas not being here is like the school bus not showing up for a school field trip. It's supposed to be here, but somehow it isn't. We are leaving to go to the Battle Against Mummification house without Thomas, and I am not sure where he is at.

Selena: Zoohoo, I was wondering where you are at.

Thomas: I was getting mummified. Right now, I am kinda laughing in my head right now because Nancy won Head of Mummification. If they didn't want that to happen, then they should of gotten rid of her instead of one of us.

Riviera: I know. 3 of us had been nominated along with Nancy when we gotten mummified. I believe that Nancy is the only person to make it to the top 10 without any allies. At least my allies Dan and James gotten eliminated before the jury phrase.

Karissa: Well, I didn't get mummified. I just had to leave the game because I was the Saboteur. However, I think that right now, the house guests are regretting not getting rid of Nancy when you had the opportunity to do so THREE TIMES.

Selena: By the way, Zoohoo, I just wanted to give you this.

Thomas: I haven't had one of those since you left the Battle Against Mummification. I've been so lonely when you were not there.

Selena: Well, we are spending a lot of time together. We may not have won, but at least I had 10,000 dollars.

Ruby: We are live inn day 62. It is time to talk to the contestants. Hello contestants.

Contestants: Hey!

Ruby: It is time to bring out the mummy jury.

Ruby: Listen, I have to go to my sister's wedding wedding soon. I am one of the bridesmaids, so I have to make this quick. We have a tie. There is one vote to mummify Nolan, and there is one vote to mummify Tess. Nancy, as current Head of Mummification, you must break a tie. Be careful, whoever who choose will become the 5th mummy juror. Also, once Nancy has voted, the person mummified will only have a few moments to say goodbye, and become mummified.

Nancy: I vote to mummify Nolan.

Nolan: It's official, Nolan, you are the 5th mummy juror of this season.

Nolan: Well, congrats, guys. You are officially the final four. I want to see you guys compete hard as we only have a couple of competitions left.

Ruby: Well, it's official. You officially make the final 4. You now have a 25% chance at winning this game. I wish each of you guys good luck! You are gonna need it. Goodnight!

Stay tune for Episode 26