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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification- The Season of Double Trouble- Episode 2

Roy: Who wants to see our Heads of Mummification room?

Roy: Oh, it's yellow, my favorite color.

Gilberto: It is also pink. Did I mention how much I liked pink? I like pink. All the ladies like pink. They loved pink bunnies, pink hair, and all kinds of pink. I don't pink eye though.

Charlie: We get it. You liked pink. Now, can you please talked about something else?

Gilberto: Sorry, Charlie. Of speaking of Charlie, have you seen the movie Charlie's Angels? It is so good. It has a lot of-

Roy: Oh, look, both of us have letters from our creators. Mine says:

Dear Roy,

All I can say is congrats for winning. Now I don't like you, and you don't like me but for once we must get along. You WILL win this competition and you WILL have faith in yourself and most of all you WILL put those skills to good use and one by one knock all of those competitors out of the ring. Use your wins now to make winnings later and make your family proud! Make ME proud. Sincerely your creator, HayloHusky

Gilberto: Oh letters. I loved letters. They are so warm and comforting unless you get a hate letter. I hate those kinds of letters. I prefer love letters and fan mail. By the way, speaking of fan mail, my sister Riviera has gotten loads of fan mail. She must of been a pretty popular player that season. I bet if this show have a fan favorite award, she would win it.

Paco: Um, yeah, I wasn't really rooting for Riviera to win last season. However, I do think she was screwed last season as Dan was a dumb *** to break up with her, and James got expelled. Anyways, please go on, and read your letter.

Gilberto: Well, it says:


Dear Gilberto,
I miss you so much! Life without you is hard to manage. You add spice to my Sims and my life, but without you there is no spice and only sugar :( How is TBAM...are you having a good time, getting along with the other contestants I hope? Congratulations on winning H.O.M the first week! You are going to be a powerful player, I know it! Hugs!
Sincerely with love,
Riviera says hi! She says she wishes you the best of luck!
Don't forget to brush your teeth!

Oh, ashleyadorable, life is tough without you. You make the greatest sims. You created me, Riviera, Evangline, and more amazing sims. Also, I will remember brush my teeth. Everybody should brush their teeth everyday. You will get cavities, and cavities aren't fun. I will tell you what is fun. Partying is fun. I love to to parties. My last party that I been to I actually crashed. The parties that I don't go to are the parties by Rebecca Black. I hate the song Friday. It is so dang terrible. However, Hot Problems is a way worst song than Friday. It makes Friday looked like Beethoven.

Wolf: Don't worry Balboa. I will protect you from all these humans.

Wolf: There, there. Everything is gonna be alright.

Sahpiro: Hey Wolf, Roy wants to talk to you.


Sahpiro: No, I am not. I am just try to tell you that Roy wants to talk to us.


Sahpiro: Well, it has to be private where no one will hear us. I guess we have to until late at night for us three to talk.


Roy: Listen, I think we have to add Gilberto to our secret alliance. He is sleeping in the Head of Mummification room.


Roy: Listen, people are trying to sleep, so keep it down. And you are gonna come or else you will get mummified, and you shall get very few money. Now, let's go in the Head of Mummification room.

Roy: Gilberto, wake up! Me, Wolf, and Sahpiro want to talk to you.

Gilberto: Hey, what do you guys want to say? Do you want me to approach an alliance with you? If so, I love to be in an alliance. Riviera had many alliances last season. She had an alliance with Dan and James, and an all female alliance though that alliance was broken up after they found out Riviera's deal with James. I also have to say James is a freak. He wanted to kill just because she sabotaged him. He......

Roy: Can you just be quiet for 1 minute? Anyways, we will like you to join our alliance. We are the Husky Alliance. So, will you please like to join our alliance? Just say either Yes or No.

Gilberto: I already told you Yes.

Roy: Cool, we are the Husky Alliance.

Brett: Hey can you take Roy's bed for now since he is Head of Mummification and I do not want to deal with "Misty" anymore.

Caster: Sure.

Charlie: Yeah, I think that we should form an alliance together called the Cookie Alliance. We are basically the 3 strongest guys in the house. We could run this house.

Brett: That sounds like a good idea.

Caster: Yeah, as long as there is no gingers in it, I'm in!

Charlie: What's wrong with Gingers?

Caster: I am really afraid of gingers. I have gingerphobia. There are scary as hell. I hate gingers.

Poppy: Um excuse me.

Caster: OMG! A ginger! Get away from me.

Poppy: Why the heck are you afraid of gingers?

Caster: When I was in high school, I used to be bullied for being a ginger. It causes my fear for that.

Poppy: Well, it ain't my problem.

Poppy: Well, it ain't my problem.

Poppy: Oddly, Caster has a fear of gingers. I'm like, dude, us gingers aren't like freaking monsters trying to eat you. Get a grip, man. You are gonna see gingers all your life.

Poppy: So, guys, as of right now, I heard Caster hates gingers.

Rose: Really? Us gingers must sticked together in order to get rid of him.

"Misty": Yeah, by the way, why are wearing a towel?

Poppy: Because I was skinny-dipping in the pool, someone decided to steal my clothiers.

"Misty": Yeah, I stole your clothes.

Poppy: How could you?

Poppy: So, right now, I have this ginger alliance with "Misty" and Rose. However, if Caster didn't hate gingers, I probably would of never formed this alliance. It seems as if I have been forced into an alliance with a girl loves Nyan Cat, and an 19-year-old college student just because there is this weirdo who is afraid of gingers. Anyways, we have decided to target Caster for mummification, so I am gonna convince Gilberto to nominate him.

Poppy: So, Gilberto, can you do me a favor?

Gilberto: I love favors unless they deal with smelly stuff. I hate smelly stuff. I hate having to change a baby's diapers. I hate having to clean the toilet after I used it. I hate having to do smelly dishes. I hate smelly stuff. Anyways, what are we talking about again? Oh, we are talking about again? Oh, favors. What is the favor? Do you want me to find you clothes? If so, it was Piper who stole your clothes.

Poppy: No, I was just wanted to say if you are able to get rid of Caster this week

Caster: So, my alliance have decided to target "Misty" for mummification, so I tried to convince Roy to nominate her. Let's hope that he does.

*Day 4*

Wolf: So, I heard Kerry, Paco, Piper, and Cat trying to form an alliance while I was napping. They thought I couldn't hear them because I was napping, but I could ******* hear them from a mile away. I told Roy and Gilberto about it. They got nominate two people from that alliance.

*Day 5*

Cat: Thank you Charlie for making these cookies.

Charlie: You are welcome! I am gonna eat cookies every single day.

Sahpiro: Yeah, you are gonna get fat for eating them. I am allergic to a lot of sweets like cookies, so I can't eat them.

"Misty": That must sucks.

Sahpiro: Not really. I am the skinniest person in my family because of that.

Gilberto: Hey have an of you seen Rose? She's been in the diary room for 3 hours. 3 hours is a long time. It's longer than watching the Dark Knight which is an extremely long movie. The Dark Knight was a great movie. It has two-face, the Joker, and of course BATMAN. However, I must say Thor, Tron: Legacy, and Harry Potter 8 are better movies. Thor is just an awesome movie. So is Tron: Legacy along with Harry Potter 8. Speaking of Harry Potter.....

Poppy: Okay, we get it. I am not where Rose is at. Let's hope she don't pull an E.D., and walked the house.

Piper: Okay, I am kinda worried. What will happen if she died in the diary room?

Poppy (impersonating Ruby): Guys, I have some bad news. Rose has died in the diary room.

Paco: Guys, seriously doubt that Rose has died in the diary room.

Piper: Still, I am worried.

Rose: Guys, I have some bad news. My mother just died in a car accident. I was considering of dropping out, but my mom always told me do not quit anything. Once you started it, you are finishing it. So, that was the reason why I am staying here.

Cat: Oh, I feel bad for you. I know how it feels to have my mother died considering I am old.

*Day 6*

Roy: Today is the day of the nominations. Me and Gilberto have two options: We could nominate 2 members of the Roaster alliance which is the alliance between Cat, Piper, Paco, and Kerry. We could also nominate "Misty" and Caster because some people want them gone. We got to make the right decision or else we could be targets.

Sahpiro: Hey Gilberto, I wish good luck at the notations ceremony.

Gilberto: Why thank you Sahpiro? Hey, I have noticed that something looks different than you? Is it your eyes, your hair, your.......

Gilberto: Holy ****. Does it means that we are in a showmance? I love showmances. I love all the showmances on Big Brother except for JeJo, Brenchel, and April/Ollie. JeJo is very overrated as they are arrogant and hypercritical. Brenchel is like a soap opera, and I do not like soap operas. April and Ollie, they are so mean. I love Jessica and Eric, and even though they weren't a couple in the Big Brother house, Dani and Dom, and Britney and Lane.

Sahpiro: Yeah, let's just say we are in a showmance.

Roy: This is the nominations ceremony. We are gonna make this quick and simple. Paco and Piper, your ***** are on the block. This ceremony is adjourned.

*Stay tune for Episode 3*

Also, this episode covers days 2-6.