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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification: The Saboteur - Episode 24

On this episode of the Battle Against Mummification, Ruby revealed a surprise twist saying the mummy jurors can compete in the Veto competition. If the mummy jurors wins it, the Semi-Veto Ability will not be used.

Before the competition got started, Dr. Cochran was able to mummify Thomas, and Thomas is now a mummy juror.

In the Veto competition, Nagol was able to pull out his first Veto win. The competition was called "My Opinion of You". Ruby asked the contestants a series of questions, but they aren't suppose to give their personal opinion, but instead, answer how they think she would respond. Answer wrong and you’re eliminated, answer correctly and you will move on. The last one standing will win the Semi-Veto Ability!

Nagol wanted to use the Semi-Veto Ability on either of the nominees. However, he couldn't decide which nominee to use it on.

He thought for days which nominee shall he used it on.

At the Veto ceremony, he could not decide which nominee to use it on. He then sadly decided not to use the Semi-Veto Ability just because of the fact that he could not decide which nominee to use it on. He felt as if he will face this roadblock later considering that they are his allies, and he can only take one of them to the final 2. Now, stay tune for episode 25 to see who gets to be the fifth mummy juror.

*Author's note:

Sorry for the short episode. I want to get this episode as quick as possible. Just some quick notes:

1. Logan, just for the record, thank you for using this blog for this. I will post here from now on.

2. Just for the record, this episode covers Days 58-60.

3. Be sure to post all feedback here:

4. Fourth of all, I will like to give you guys what Logan wrote for his Veto speech

I would like to use the Semi-Veto Ability on nobody because the decision to Veto one of the nominees is honestly too tough. I wanted to go to the final 2 with one of you, but I can't go with both of you. I have to take one person, so I will be making that decision shortly. We were going to face this roadblock anyways, might as well get rid of it now. I went back and forth on this decision, and I just could not decide. I had to make a strategy, or "strategy" for myself. Evidently, it involves taking one person out of my alliance. I hope you understand that both of you guys have not been sitting on those two living chairs during mummification night. I have to keep nominations the same because that's the decision I spent so long making. Even though it breaks my heart.... I have decided not to use the Semi-Veto Ability. Sorry. :'(

I correct the things Logan messed up at in his speech. Logan did call the Semi-Veto Ability the Power of Veto. He also said Nolan haven't got put up before. Nolan did got put up with Remy was Head of Mummification, but Tess used the Veto on him.

Anyways, I wish the two nominees the best of the luck.