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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification- The Saboteur- Episode 27

*Day 67*

Tess: House meeting everyone.

Tess: Today, you will compete in your most important Veto competition this season. The person who casts the Veto will get to cast the sole vote to mummify someone. However, but first, the Battle Against Mummification wants to give us a video about the contestants who weren't able to make it here. Every time we see a new picture of the house gust, we shall pause, and talk about that houseguest. Then, we get to hear what they have to say about their time in the house. Don't worry, as the houseguest won't reveal any secrets. One person shall not be part of this ceremony, and that is James due to his exit was considered less than honorable.

Let's begin.

*presses play, and continue on*

*Play this music and continue reading*

Nancy: Kenneth was definitely an interesting character in the house I must say.

Nagol: Yeah, I have to agree with you.

Tess: You know what I have to say about Kenneth?

Remy: What?

*Tess gives Kenneth a thumbs down*

Kenneth: Being the first out on this show, I realized this show was not meant for me. I was meant to be on the Bacherlorette where I can marry a hot girl.

Nagol: Lexi was another interesting character this season. She did try to break up the showmance between Riviera and Dan which she kinda did since Dan was the next person gone after her.

Tess: Well, if Dan haven't broke up Riviera, he would of stay. So, it is kinda Dan's own fault that he got eliminated.

Lexi: Well, I do have to say that I feel as if it is my creator's fault that I got eliminated. She was inactive, and I probably would of been a power player this season if she were active. I also felt guilty that I got arrested.

Remy: Out of all the contestants this season, he is the contestant I wished the most to last longer.

Nagol: Well, if you think about, Dan was kinda an idiot. He guessed "Dan's Fake Platinum Veto", and he broke up with Riviera when he needed her vote.

Tess: I have to agree with you Nagol.

Dan: So what if I broke up with Riviera when I needed her vote? I am not a cheater. Time will tell if Karissa will like me or not. I am patiently waiting for her to say that she likes me.

Nancy: I didn't make a lot of friendships this season, but Miuccia was the closest person I had in this house. I felt sad when she got eliminated by an unanimous vote. I would of voted to mummify Remy instead, but I know how targets can be caused if you voted with the minority.

Remy: Hey, watch it Lady Floater.

Nancy: Well, excuse me Mr. Betrayed Your Allies

Tess: Guys, seriously, cut it out.

Miuccia: Being voted out by an unanimous vote sucks. However, I am glad I took part in this experience, and become one of 14 lucky sims this season.

Tess: I felt bad for Riviera. She was left with no allies after Dan broke up with her, and James was expelled. Still, we had to get rid of her since she was a strong competitor.

Riviera: You know, being part of this experience is kinda awesome in a way since the producers of this show saw me the most interesting 14 people who deserved to be on this season. It is kinda sad in a way, because the man who I loved broke up with me, and my best friend after that got expelled. At least I made it to the mummy jury phrase of this show.

Nagol: I absolutely did not expect Karissa to be the Mole. She did such a good job blending in. For example, when she was on the chopping block, she let Kenneth dig his own grave. She also won the Veto which she needed to win in order to guarantee her the 250,000 dollars.

Karissa: I felt so good making it far enough to give me the 250,000 dollars. I also found some amazing friends who I probably will talk with for the rest of my life.

Nancy: Selena can be a female dog at times, but at least she apologized for her bullying. I mean when I was young, I need some nasty things that I regretted. Now, since I am older, I am more mature now.

Selena: During my time in the house, I fell in love with a guy named Zoohoo. I think that if Remy didn't screw me over, and decided to betray me, and Zoohoo, then I think I would of have a good shot at winning.

Nagol: Thomas was kinda bullying other contestants along with Selena when Selena won Head of Mummification. However, after Karissa's Veto Speech, he gotten a lot nicer. He probably wouldn't be in 6th place if Remy were to decide not to betray his alliance.

Thomas: During my time in the house, I fell in love with a girl named Selena. I kinda felt betrayed in the house when Remy decided to nominate Selena. Oh well, at least I didn't make a dumb move this season like some contestants did.

Tess: Nolan was my best friend in the house. We gotten really close in the summer. So close, a lot of people thought we were the secret showmance. Unfortunately, me and Nolan are just friends. We had no showmance.

Nolan: I was kinda shocked when I got mummified. I totally thought Tess was gonna go. Oh well, at least I made some new friends, and I proved that I am a competitor. I would of loved to play this game for a 2nd time.

Ruby: Congrats guys. You guys are in the final 4. It is time to play for the final veto competition. Like the H.O.M. competition, this competition will be a 2nd chance at the competitions you did this summer. It will have 3 rounds. For every round, somebody will be eliminated.

For Round 1, a mummified teddy bear named Otev you to bring a teddy bear that represents a contestant on this season. He will say a clue to a contestant, and then the contestants will then race down the staircase to find a teddy bear that represents the contestant that corresponds to the clue. If 1 person tells me the wrong answer, then that person is eliminated. If more than 1 contestant tells me the wrong contestant, than whoever is slower to get the incorrect answer will be eliminated. If everybody gets it right, then the person who is last to tell me the answer will get eliminated.

For Round 2, you shall play a game of darts, Whoever has the lowest score will be eliminated.

For Round 3, the last two contains will face of in a battle of endurance. They shall stand on a button while water is squirting on you guys. Once you let go, you will be eliminated from the competition. The last person standing will win the Semi-Veto Ability. Is everybody clear?

All the Contestants: Let's begin!

Tess: So, for the Semi-Veto Ability competition,

Tess (in the diary room): Otev asked us to bring him the teddy bear that represents the contestant who never played in a Veto competition. I absolutely know that it was Kenneth since he was the only true backdoor this season. Yes, Riviera, Thomas, and Selena were replacement nominees when they got mummified, but just for the record, but they played in the veto competition when they left the house. Many fans gets this confused, but in order for there to be a backdoor, they must NOT play in the Veto competition. If they played in the Veto competition, then I would consider that a sidedoor.

Tess (in the diary room): Me, Remy, and Nagol were the first three contestants to bring back a teddy bear. Nancy was the first one eliminated in the Veto competition! (sarcastically) This is such a surprise especially since Nancy has been so good at competitions this season.

Tess (in the diary room): For Round 2, me, Remy, and Nagol played a little game of darts in order to who moves on.

Tess (in the diary room): Both Remy and Nagol make a solid 8.

Tess (in the diary room): While I kinda suck at darts, and I did not hit my board. So, I was then eliminated.

Tess (in the diary room): Then, at round 3, Remy and Nagol face off. I hope that Nagol wins it or else I feel as if Remy would of voted to mummify Nagol. Remy tried to make deals with Nagol, but Nagol knew he couldn't be trusted.

Tess (in the diary room): Soon, after 43 minutes, Remy had enough, and he step off his button.

Tess (in the diary room): So, now, Nagol won the Semi-Veto Ability. I am so glad about that since me, and Nagol are going to the final 3 together along with some other person who I think doesn't have a shot at winning.

Nagol: Yes, I have won the Semi-Veto Ability. I am so glad I made it to the final 3. I did a much better job than my brother Logan did since Logan never actually made it to the final 3 in his season though if Barry didn't have that Veto Ability, he might of had. We will never know.

Tess: Congrats! How about we go to the bar in living room, and get a drink?

Nagol: Sure!

Tess: So, I think you should mummify him. His time has come. He is kinda lucky he made it to the final 4. If he didn't win that Veto, or if you didn't the Semi-Veto Ability last week?

Nagol: Yeah, I do agree with you. He can no longer just "run away from the snake like that rat has been doing".

Tess: Huh?

Nagol: Did you see Susan Hawk's snakes and rats speech?

Tess: No......

Nagol: Well, go on youtube, and search? Then, you will understand.

Tess: Okay. Anyways, back to the topic, Remy should of never gotten rid of Selena. Selena was on Remy's side, and now, he will have to face the consequences as he will get mummified two days from now.

Tess: Remy getting mummified this week is karma. The definition of karma is when you hurt someone, the forces of the universe will try to hurt you back. In this case, Remy hurt Selena, and the forces of the universe will hurt Remy this week when Nagol will vote to mummify Remy. My mother always told me "what goes around comes back around". This is perfectly the case.

Remy: I know for a fact that I am on the shipping block, but I gotta do some scratching in order for me to stay.

Remy: Listen, I want to make a deal with you. If you vote to mommify Nanny on bay 69, and if I win the final H.O.M. competition, then I will take you to the final 2. Also, if I become the final member of the mommy jury, then you will get my vote even if you voted to mommify me on bay 72 just as long as you vote to mommify Nanny on bay 69.

(And by the way, the words mommify, Nanny, and bay were not typos. I always imagine Remy speaking the wrong words)

Nagol: Look, I know you can't be trusted. You betray your biggest ally in my opinion, so why I should I trust then.

Remy: Look, I swear on my sister Taiha's life that I will do that for you. Just please trust me on that.

Nagol: I was going to mummify Remy until he swears on his sister's life that he is either gonna bring me to the final 2, or give me a mummy jury vote at the end if I vote to mummify Nancy on day 69. Should I take chances, and vote out Nancy, or should I decide to not to trust what Remy says? I don't know!

*Day 69*

Ruby: Hello contestants, tonight Nagol will probably use the Semi-Veto Ability on himself, and he will probably cast the sole vote to mummify someone. That someone will become 6th mummy juror of the season, but first, we shall take a peak at the mummy jury house after Nolan gets mummified.

*Day 63*

Nolan: I definitely did not expect it. I honestly thought Tess was gonna get mummified.

Riviera: Why did you expect that?

Nolan: Because I was lied by someone. Also, by the way, where is Karissa?

Selena: She's asleep.

Nolan: Oh!

Nolan: They say in this game "expect the unexpected". I certainly did not expect the unexpected as I was lied to in this game and be mummified by the biggest floater this season.

Thomas: I find it kinda funny how Nancy won Head of Mummification. She was nominated 3 weeks in a row, and nobody got rid of her. Now, they gotta pay the price, and let Nolan go home.

Riviera: Hey guys. I am planning on doing something big at the finale. But I need your guys' help.

Selena and Thomas: We are here to help you.

Riviera: Before I can tell you what I need help with, you guys have to keep a secret. So, can you promise to keep it a secret?

Selena and Thomas: We promise.

Riviera: Okay, let me whisper it in your guys' ears.

*the mic refuses to pick up*

*the mic refuses to pick up again*

Selena: So, I am gonna do this big thing at the finale, and Selena and Thomas are gonna help. I am not gonna say what it is, but I am gonna give you a hint: It will have to do with something about space.

Thomas: So, me, Selena, and Riviera are gonna do this big thing on the finale. I am not gonna say what it is, but you guys will have to watch the finale, and see.

*Day 64*

Karissa: Good morning Nolan!

Nolan: Good morning! It has been a while since we talked.

Karissa: I know! Ever since I had to leave the game, I wasn't able to catch up with you, Tess, and Nagol. The only time I can see you is when we had to go to a ceremony, and even then, I wasn't able to talk to you. So, how's life been in the Battle Against Mummification house?

Nolan: Oh, nothing much. You basically know what is happening in the Battle Against Mummification house with Remy betraying his alliance.

Karissa: Yeah, that was a dumb move. It is as dumb as Dan breaking up with Riviera.

*Nolan and Karissa hug each other*

Nolan: Hey, Karissa can you keep a secret?

Karissa: Sure!

*Nolan whispers in Karissa's ear, and the mic doesn't pick up*

Karissa: I just heard a big secret from Nolan. I am kinda shocked at this secret. Well, not really, but still the secret is so shocking.

*Day 65*

Karissa: Tess does has a point. It literally does not matter who gets nominated in the final 4 before the Veto competition. The nominations only kinda count after the Veto competition.

Selena: Well, I don't care. I just really want Remy gone. He is the guy who screw me over this season, and he deserved to go home.

Selena: I really want Remy. He screw me over, and cost me 1 million dollars. I hope that karma will come, and bit Remy in the ***.

Ruby: We are back live. It is time to talk to the contestants. Hello contestants.

Contestants: Hey!

Ruby: It seems so empty here than it was 6 weeks ago. Let's bring in the mummy jury to fill up this house.

Ruby: Well, guys, we gotta rush this again because I am have to go somewhere soon, and I am in a rush.

Ruby: Nagol, you have the final Semi-Veto Ability. You may either use it on yourself, use it on Nancy, or not use it at all.

Nagol: Well, I don't want to be the idiot who decides not to use the final Semi-Veto Ability, so I have decided to use the Semi-Veto Ability.

Ruby: Remy, because of that, you are nominated due to the fact that you are the only option of being nominated.

Ruby: Okay, as you guys know, the two nominee can not vote. The Head of Mummification can only vote in the event of a tie. In this case, we won't have a tie. That means, Nagol, you are the only person voting to mummify someone. I need you to stand up, and cast your vote to decide you gets to be the next person mummified, and that person will become the 6th jury member. Also, once Nagol casts his vote, the person Nagol will have a few moments to say goodbye, leave the house, and start his or her mummification.

Nagol: I vote to mummify Remy because he's just overplayed his game, it's time for him to go. Sorry, but you should of never gotten rid of Selena.

Ruby: It's official, Remy, you are the 6th mummy juror this season.





Ruby: Now, Remy, I literally drag you out here just for you to get mummified. Can you please step into this sarcophagus, and get mummified for me?

Remy: But I don't want to.

Ruby: Well, too bad, you signed a contract saying that you shall be mummified in case you have a proper elimination.

Remy: Fine, have it your way.

Remy: Well, it seems like Remy isn't taking the news of getting mummified too well. Anyways, 3 of you are left. Starting tomorrow, you shall compete in your final H.O.M. competition. It will be three parts. The first part is an endurance challenge. The 2nd part is a skill-based challenge. The 3rd part is a quiz-style challenge. I wish each and every one of you the best of luck. You are gonna need it pal.

Stay tune for Episode 28