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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Battle Against Mummification- The Season of Double Trouble- Episode 1

*Day 1*

Ruby: It's a house like no other where 51 cameras follow your every move, and 74 microphones capture your every word. Tonight, 14 sims will enter this house with one goal in my mind: To be the only sim not mummified by the end of the season. They shall live total confinement as they are cut out from the outside world. Every week, they shall compete for power, and they will vote to mummify one of their own until one contestant remains human and claims the million dollars prize. And this season, there won't be 1 Head of Mummification, there will be two Heads of Mummification. Can the contestants used this twist to their advantage, or will the contestants be in a complete disaster thanks to twist? We'll find out later on this season . As of right now, we are about to witness the 14 contestants move in to the house. They are instructed not to talk to each other until they get inside the house. Let's bring them in.

Ruby: Contestants, take a look at the men and women around you. You will be getting to know these people around you very well for the next 3 months. Among these people, you may just find your new best friend, or your worst enemy. All in all, each of you are on your own, as there can only be 1 winner. When you enter the house, you will only have one minute to pick your bed by laying on it. Make your choice quickly but carefully as some of you won't be just housemates, but bedmates. You will entered as groups chosen by random. The first group to enter the house is......

Ruby: Roy

Ruby: Charlie

Ruby: Poppy

Ruby: Caster

Poppy: OMG, we are in the house.

Caster: Party time!

Poppy: Let's share this room together.

Roy: Hey guys, do you want to form an alliance?

Charlie: Dude, we 've been in the house for like a minute. It's too early to form one.

Caster: I agree with you, Charlie? Is that your name?

Charlie: Yeah. What do you think it is? Ron Weasley?

Ruby: These people may enter the house now.

Ruby: "Misty"

Ruby: Paco

Ruby: And Sahpiro.

Paco: Hello ladies. What is your favorite car?

"Misty": A Limo Duh!

Sahpiro: A van? I don't know many cars.

Paco: Let's all sleep here!

Sahpiro: Sure, it may make me dizzy, but it's alright.

Paco: And Sahpiro, how dare you that you don't know many cars? They are Porsches, Corvettes, Chevrolets, and many more cars.

Ruby: These people can enter the house now,

Ruby: Cat

Ruby: Rose

Ruby: Kerry

Ruby: And Blake.

Blake: Can you please call me "The Wolf" for now on?

Ruby: Um, sure. "The Wolf", you may enter the house now.

"The Wolf": Why the heck are we looking at the corner?

Rose: I don't know. I think there is something interesting there.

Cat: I think we should share this room.

Kerry:: "The Wolf", would you like to share a bed with me?

"The Wolf": "The Wolf" sleeps alone.

Kerry: Okay. Cat, would you like share a bed with me?

Cat: Sure!

Ruby: To the people who are standing here right now, you may enter the house.

Brett: Hey!

Piper: Sorry no time to talk, I have to go and pick a bed quickly because all of the good beds are already taken.

Piper: Being the last group sucks because I feel as if all the beds you want are taken. So I ran into the bedrooms quickly because I don't want to be the one to sleep the ground.

Piper: Here, wanna share a bed?

Rose: Sure!

Brett: So, I guess we're stuck with this room.

Gilberto: Ugh, there isn't pink in this room. Do you people loved pink? I certainly loved pink.

"Misty": Yeah, I liked pink, but I won't say that it's my favorite color.

Sahpiro: I agree with "Misty".

Paco: I have a question for you Gilberto. I don't mean this as an insult, but are you homosexual?

Gilberto: No, I don't know why everybody thinks that. I am straight. Girls loved pink, and so because of that, I get to have all the ladies with me. My family has a history with pink. My sister Riviera from last season has pink hair, and so does my parents. My grandparents also have pink hair when they were young. My dog named Max also has pink hair, and so does my cat Taiha. Oh, that reminds me of a memory I have when I first got Taiha. Taiha is a very good cat.

"Misty": Okay, you are getting off-topic here.

Gilberto: Oh, sorry, I constantly go off-topic in many conversions. It is a bad habit of mine. Bad habits needs to be fixed, but they are hard to fixed. Anyways, what am I talking about? Oh, i remembered. No, I am not homosexual. I am a straight male.

Ruby: Houseguests, you just moved in the Battle Against Mummification house. It is time to introduce yourselves. "Misty", you are first.

"Misty": Hiya, call me Misty! Yes I know I look like my sister and I love her but we are waaayyy different! She's a worry wart and I'm more of a free spirit, I like to have fun, people say I'm a little odd but I think they are just sticks in the mud and try to hard to play life by the rules... I love a good party and you never know what I'll do or say next! I think I might talk a little to much but I have a lot to say and if I can make you laugh then I feel accomplished, I also have a thing for "monsters" and creatures, Mom says I got her insane trait, I say what's not to like about the unusual? Anyway, I'm super excited to be on this show!! Oh and did I mention I just LOVE Nyan cat? I do! I really do!

Poppy: I'm Poppy! Popster, Pops.... Its all cool! I was born in Eygpt, but moved to Sunset Valley when I was 14! I've watched this show since the 1st ever series, and now I'm on it, I'm excited about the egyptian aspects I will encounter! Oh... am I talking to much? I better stop talking.

Rose: Hello, I'm Rose! Woo! I love doing these kinds of things. I love making friends and hanging out with my current friends. I want to become a movie star as soon as I get out of college, as I love acting as well.

Caster: Hey! I'm Caster! I was born in Sunset Valley and have grown up there. I love my friends and family and I always thought I would stay in Sunset Valley but truth be told it is really boring. So I decided to go out and explore the world and that ladies and gentlemen is how I eneded up here.

Kerry: Okay so I like cars, things that go fast and I am not scared of anything - I suppose you can call me a bit of an adrenaline junkie. I am up for anything be it a challenge or just an adventure. I get on really well with guys, people say I am a bit of a guy's girl - though suprisingly it never stops guys from trying it on with me. One thing with me though, is if something goes wrong for me - it goes wrong bad! I am hoping for some new experiences on this show, and if some romance, friendships or even fights come my way so be it! Let's get this chapter of my life started with something new!

Paco: My name is Paco Taco, and I am a beginning entrepreneur who needs money for my latest product (shampoo that never runs out!) I am born in New York City from a very well-off family but was cut-off due to deals with the Russian mafia. Gotta get rid of the competition right?

Cat: Hello everybody. I am Cat, and after a successful run on The Sims 3 Reality Show, I have decided to go on another reality show. After much deliberation, I have decided to join this competition knowing that this may be my last show being a sim.

Piper: Hello people. I'm Piper. I like all things girlie. I wasn't always this pretty like back in middle school ugh I was ugly but I come from family with a little more money then we should. But none of it was given to me so I'm trying to win this to get some money.

Gilberto: Hey there! My name is Gilberto, and I am 20 years old! I cannot wait to be on this show- a change of pace from being a cashier at JCPenny in Miami...well, it's not a bad life there, actually. So, my younger sis Riviera was on this show last season. I mean, she did okay...but I can certainly do better! What do think is the best part about her? I think it's her makeup. Don't you think it's her makeup? I totally think it's her makeup. Definitely. So, it'll be fun doing this show. Maybe I can meet some new people who don't judge me by my pink hair! It's no big deal, seriously. I just really, really, really love the color pink...The girls at the beaches here love it too..well, most of them do I mean surely girls love pink...moving on now. What was this again...oh yeah! My interview thing-a-ma-bob for that Battle Against Mummification show Riv was on. Hi! My name is Gilberto and...wait! I don't want to be mummified! That's just scary! No girl would ever like that :S Now I look crazy! Let's pretend this never happened...I'm seriously a likable guy. It's just that my personality, my favorites are different than...well, average. If you met my sister you'd totally think I'm normal compared to her. And I am! I'm smart enough, friendly, and everything you'd like in a guy. Yeah! So I'm gonna rock the house here at ...whatchamacallit show, something about mummies?

Charlie: Hola. My name is Charlie, and I can be....... a drama queen? Yeah. However, I am smart enough and athletic enough to be of help in challenges and stuff. I am artistic, and rather friendly, so I am unlikely to have quarrels in the house.

My name is Brett. I am living on my own while trying to get my career going as a doctor. I like to read, a lot. I come from a small family; I'm an only child, but would love to have a medium to large family of my own someday. When I'm not reading, I like to tinker around on the computer and am rather good at it. I have a good sense of humor, I suppose, although I feel like I was very bland talking about myself. Speaking of which, I don't like to talk about myself much, I am a great listener though. I love hearing about other people's lives.

"The Wolf": My name is Blake, but my closer friends call me 'The Wolf'-probably because when I was born, instead of my parents leaving me at an orphanage, they abandoned me by throwing me into a river. Quite miraculously, I was saved by a hermit who lived out in the woods, and he raised me as his son. I became a forest dweller and had many encounters with wild animals, like wolves- my favorite type of animal. I am a profound hunter, but still respect and care for all animals. When I was of age I tried to find a job in a nearby city, but couldn't really find anything. Many people think I'm crazy, because sometimes I believe that I am a werewolf. I can prove it too, because every full moon something about me changes and I become much more wild-like (and a bit hot-tempered) and want to escape into what I know best: the woods. I am a very mysterious person who doesn't really talk much, but when I do, for the most part I'm friendly. I'm very deceitful as well, I have no problem lying to people to get myself further in the game. I think humans are untrustworthy, so I prefer the company of animals than the company of a human being. joined the show in order to become a more civilized person, and maybe even make a few friends while here. Plus, winning the money at the end won't hurt, since I have no money of my own.

Sahpiro: My name is Sahpiro, and I just legally became an adult 2 days before applying, making me quite young. I might not be the brightest apple in the bunch, but I can use my brain to suprise you with my skills. If you don't watch out for me I will lash out. I am a trained gymnast and I'm pretty good with art, oh and I'm trust able!

Roy: Hello everybody. Roy is my name, and the Battle Against Mummification is my game. I am 21 years old, and I am related to Remy last season. I may looked like a cool nice guy, but I will lied, backstabed, and cheat in order to win this game. Just kidding! Anyways, I will know you guys very well for the next 3 months.

Roy: I don't want anybody to know that I am supposed to be 101 years old. About 13 years ago, Both me and my brother both drank potions and became children again. In fact, my own son is older than me. I am gonna do whatever it takes to win this season. I am gonna do what Remy failed to do: Win!

Ruby: Contestants, we are gonna play this week's H.O.M. competition tomorrow. I must say you guys may think that you guys know everything about the Head of Mummification, but think again. We are gonna shake things up this season. The first couple of Head of Mummification competitions are unlike every other Head of Mummification because of the first time in the Battle Against Mummification history, there will be two Heads of Mummification. The two Heads of Mummification will share the same Head of Mummification bedroom, but more importantly, they will share the responsibility of nominating two contestants for mummification. However, there is a catch. If the two Heads of Mummification can not agree on nominations, then they will lose their Head of Mummification status, and become the two nominees themselves. I wish you guys good luck, and I will see you in the morning.

Cat: Wow, I did not expect that.

Roy: Me too!

Cat: It was honestly quite shocking when Ruby said there will be two Heads of Mummification. Now, I will have to work by butt off in order to get the two people I want on the block to be on the block.

Poppy: The two Heads of Mummification twist changes my strategy completely because if I ever become one of the two Heads of Mummification, the person who I want gone may be in the other person's alliance.

"Misty": My strategy this season is to try to flirt with the men, and get inside information about them.

"Misty": Hey there sexy thing

Brett: Um, yeah, I'm not really into you. You see, I really hate the Nyan Cat so much that I refused to date any girl who likes the nyan cat.

"Misty: What? The Nyan Cat is the best thing to be on youtube. It's even better than bacon and cheese.

Brett: Sorry, I don't like girls who are into the nyan cat. Plus, if we were caught flirting with each other, then we may cause targets.



Brett: Ugh, it is way too early for "Misty" to have an enemy. I just don't like the nyan cat or girls who do like the nyan cat.

Roy: Hey, Sahpiro.

Sahpiro: Hey. What's up Roy?

Roy: I was wondering if you will like us to work together, and form an alliance with me.

Sahpiro: Wow, really? We could be Boston Rob and Amber, and be in the final 2 together.

Roy: Yeah, we're not in a showmance, and we're not gonna get married, and have kids together.

Sahpiro: Oh!

Sahpiro: My first day on here, and I am already in an alliance with Roy. I hope we can all the way to the final 2.

Roy: I came into the show to win this season. I want to form an alliance with someone who may possibly can ride my cocktails, and an alliance with someone who may possibly ride my cocktails, and someone who is considered unlikeable. Sahpiro is the youngest person on this season, and usually, the youngest female girls usually ride people's cocktails, so I have decided to form an alliance with her.

*2:30 am in the morning of Day 2*

*somebody howls really loud in the backyard*

*The whole entire house wakes up, and goes to backyard to see who it is*

"The Wolf": Humans, what the **** are you doing here? You guys aren't trusted. You harmed too many animals.

Charlie: Dude, we are came out here because we are your roommates, and we want some sleep.

"The Wolf": Who gives a **** about sleep? You guys need to leave the animals alone.

Cat: Actually, there isn't any animals here. So, there isn't any animals needing to be protected.

Gilberto: Actually, there is a pet snake in the house called Balboa. I believed that was the pet snake that Rupert named in Survivor: whatchamacallit Islands. Gosh, that reminds me that sea sib was one of the best seasons on Survivor. I remember watching all these characters, and all these blindslides Pearl Islands is one of my favorite seasons along with Survivor: Microneasia, that season with Russell Hantz in it, China, and Heroes vs Villains. Speaking of those Survivor seasons, Microneasia is my all-time favorite. We had all these dumb moves, blindslides, and the infamous black widow whatchamacallit.


Rose: Dude, Balboa is not in danger. I just feed him right before I went to bed.

Roy: Guys, I am gonna take "The Wolf" to another room in order to be taught some manners.

Roy: Hey Blake, I was just wondering if you will like to form an alliance with me.


Roy: Listen, you said that you want to be on this show because you want some money. If we worked together, you will get even more money.

"The Wolf": But the only way in order to get money is if you either win money through a competition or make it to the final 2?

Roy: Actually, if you didn't make it to the final 2, then you will get 1,500 dollars for every week that you survived. You will also get an extra 20,000 dollars if you make it to the jury. You will also get an extra 10,000 dollars if you go to the finale.

"The Wolf": Wow, that's a lot.

Roy: Yeah, you forgot about what thing: Taxes.

"The Wolf": Okay, what are taxes? I know this sounds odd, but I have living in the woods for all my life?

Roy: Taxes are things that the Government will have to make you pay. If you don't pay them, then you could end up in jail. You don't want to end up being another Richard Hatch. Anyways, back to what I was saying, with taxes, it doesn't seem very much so if we worked together, then you could get even more money. Who does that sound?

"The Wolf": Sure, but if you do any damage to Balboa, you are dead meat to me.

Roy: Okay. And by the way, we will be working with Sahpiro.

"The Wolf": I am a litte bit worried with my alliance with Roy. I know that he can't be trusted. Oh well, at least he will help me get some extra money.

Roy: I do want to take "The Wolf" to the end with me because he is too ******* crazy at night. He'll be like Phillip from Survivor who was taken to the end because he was unlikeable.

*Day 2*

Ruby: Good morning contestants. For today's H.O.M. competition only, you will be randomly spilt up in to duos. The duos are Paco and Cat, Rose and Charlie, Gilberto and Roy, Poppy and "Misty", "The Wolf" and Caster, Brett and Piper, and Sahpiro and Kerry. I need all contestants to go the backyard now.

Ruby: This competition is called "This or That". I will asked you guys a series of this or that questions. For every answer you and your duo partner answers the same, you will earn a point. The duo with the most points by the end of competition will become the Heads of Mummification. Is everybody cleared?

Contestants: Yes!

Ruby: Now, let's begin. Question #1: Cats or Dogs? If you will like to answer with cats, stand up. If you will like to answer with Dogs, sit down.

*Roy, Sahpiro, and Kerry all stand up, the rest sit down*

Ruby: Well, it seems like everybody except for Roy, Sahpiro, and Kerry answered with dogs. That means all duos except for Roy and Gilberto got a point.

*after the competition is over*

Ruby: Well, in a 2-way tie for last place, we have Sahpiro and Kerry, and Brett and Piper with 6 points. In a 3-way for third place, we have "The Wolf" and Caster, Poppy and "Misty", and Rose and Charlie with 7 points. That means this week's Heads of Mummification could be either Roy and Gilberto or Paco and Cat. Let me tell you, this week's Heads of Mummification have 9 points, and they are..........

*keep on scrolling*

Ruby: Roy and Gilberto. Congrats! Sorry Paco and Cat. You guys have 8 points, but you will be the Heads of Mummification if Roy and Gilberto can not agree on nominations.

Ruby: Now, how do I get off this building? Oh, I know!

*Stau tune for Episode 2*

And Logan please use this as the picture for the Season of Double Trouble until the finale:

And this episode covers days 1-2.